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Toad Sauce

We've received great feedback from our customers about the various toadsauces. There is a flavor and heat component for any dish we serve at E.J.'s. Personal favorite, the caged garlic...and of course the Grim Creaper (when I feel like hurting myself a bit)!

-Chris Wheeler-
General Manager. E.J. Phair Brewing Co.

Toad Sauce

" I have had the opportunity to taste Horney Toad's Toad Sauces and love them. The Cool Jamaican and Smoked Tequila flavors are outstanding and if you like HOT you need to try the Grim Creeper. I let a friend try the Grim Creeper at a party I was hosting and it actually brought tears to his eyes. I can't wait to get my hands on some more..."

-Mike Barter-
District Manager Smart & Final Stores

Toad Sauce

More Love

Toad Sauce

" Horney Toad's sauces simply amaze me. While hanging out back with friends - throwing back some wings with the Grim Creeper and a choice porter - your sauces deliver. Your passion to create something so unique and flavorful is a testimonial in itself. The combination of heat and flavor dance around the taste buds like passionate lovers. Keep up the great work!"'

-Jason B.-

Toad Sauce

" Grim creeper crept up on me about a minute after I tasted it. Perfect for the person who likes some heat. The heat doesn't hit you all at once, it creeps up on you and surprises you. The enjoyable thing about Grim Creeper is it has flavor as well as heat."

-S. Harrison-

Toad Sauce

" I love Horney Toad's Cool Jamaican. It's a mild sauce with a mix of complex spices and herbs. I have yet to find a dish that this sauce doesn't go great on."

-Brook Plog-


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